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Gravity Core 1.5

Gravity Core is a horizontal shoot-em up/platformer game
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Gravity Core is a horizontal shoot-em up/platformer game. You fly a ship and have to complete an array of missions that range from destroying a specific target on a map to rescuing captive humans and gathering intel. The game is not the typical horizontal platformer though. Its controls are great and the concept of very limited gravity makes for fun-to-learn flying lessons. There are three types of controls. You can use the mouse, the keyboard or a combination of both, with varying grades of difficulty. I used only the keyboard which is the hardest type. It was challenging, which I liked, yet manageable after a few unsuccessful tries.

Now, graphics are not really the strong aspect of this kind of game. However, Gravity Core does a great job of rendering the maps. The ship is basic-looking but it has a lot of details. The ship's thrusters are noticeable thanks to very good-looking animations. When the ship comes close to the surface, the shield is raised and you can even see some dust blowing off the surface.

Boasting a very lengthy single-player campaign, Gravity Core offers a lot of playing time. There are even multiplayer modes.

José Fernández
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  • Excellent controls
  • Excellent graphics and sound effects
  • Challenging but fun


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